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How It Works

After months of months of playing EASports FIFA14 you have reached Level 30 and are one of the most respected players around. Your friends won't play you anymore becuase they know they don't stand a chance and everyone online knows your avatar by heart as an automatic loss if they challenge you. You've put sweat and tears into every last pass, shot and goal. You are so connected with the game, just the sounds of the title screen get you amped up that you can't grab your controller fast enough.

A Fresh Start

But months later you are turned on to EVE ONLINE and cannot wait to dive into something fresh. Creating your account you are back at Level One and begin your quest to climb up the ranks and leaderboard into a respectable position. But wait, you might be green to the platform but you are an exeperienced gamer! You put in hours upon hours playing EASports FIFA14 climbing the ladder to the top, shouldn't that count for something?

You Bet It Does

That's where we come in. All you simply have to do is trade in your existing EASports FIFA14 experience points to Experiencecoin and in return use your new digital currency to level up in other games on any platform. So all that time you put in faking out top-tiered goalies and scoring highlight reel goals can now be transfered to start you from stratch in EVE ONLINE, right at level 30.*

*Level numbers and properties vary from game to game.

It's That Simple

Experiencecoin works for a number of games, systems and platforms. If you can earn experience points and level up in the game, you can trade it in for Experiencecoin and be on your way once you start something new.

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